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Kindly forgo your comfort, in favor of everything else.


Alexis Rose is a New York based artist. Her recent work in constructed photography seeks to illuminate a geographic realm not yet known to modern man, one that connotates a recently uninhabited landscape functioning on its own non-linear or moralistic terms. These mood inducing quiet voyeurisms manifest in miniature, a mise-en-scène microscope to beckon a more theoretical look at the planetary experience. Within the suspended physical laws of the maquette, bound to its familiar texture and withholding scale, the fickle public gaze is ripe for a more challenging discourse, where dissonant taboos are not rejected for the sanctity of the social self, but are welcomed with unfettered interiority. Titled with tenderness towards man's anthropocentric madness of naming, owning, fencing and labeling the natural world, these images float between archaeological shrapnel and futuristic filings. But just as latin names have little effect on animal behavior, these human labels have little to do with the fate of these places.  What is the world we were born into, what have we done do it, and what will it do without us?